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Going outside doesn’t have to mean nights deep in the backcountry. Our brand ambassadors, Beers at the Bottom, enjoyed Day Hike Summer Ale at Little Si for #TwoBeersInTheWild! Follow their adventures as we share them on our blog, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Grab a 6-pack of Day Hike Summer Ale and head outside!

Little Si
Region: Snoqualmie Pass
Difficulty of Hike: Easy
Distance Round Trip: 4.7 miles
Did you encounter any of the following on your hike? Edible berries/plants
Road conditions to trailhead: Road suitable for all vehicles
Bugs: No bugs
Trail Condition: Trail in good condition
Distance from Seattle: 35 miles

We had a Sunday afternoon free to do some hiking, so we sought a shorter hike that would still get some elevation gain. We settled on Little Si— a hike these two native Washingtonians had surprisingly never done before. We stopped to pick up a couple sandwiches and prepared ourselves to battle for a parking spot at this incredibly popular trail. Brandon actually laughed when he saw the sign posted “USE OTHER TRAILS” discouraging the hordes of hikers that flock to both Mount Si and Little Si over the weekend.

We were pleasantly surprised though at how much peace we were able to find while on the trail. Politely passing large groups of ill-prepared visitors sans-daypacks (or in many cases even water), we greatly enjoyed the middle section of the trail as it winds beneath the canopy of trees past moss and fern-encrusted boulders. The tree cover provided shade, giving us a cool respite from the muggy weather of the day. During a few water/snack stops, we watched climbers scale the sides of Little Si.

The last 0.75 mile push to the summit was the only real challenge this trail offered up, but as it was relatively short, the payout views for this trail are worth it. The summit was unsurprisingly crowded, families and groups covering nearly every inch of available bare rock at the top. We were able to find a rocky outcrop a bit away from the summit where we had lunch. Then we cracked open a couple Lima Loca, enjoying the crisp, lime-infused refreshment. Plus, the can matched the landscape perfectly.

Little Si was a pleasant surprise to us— we were prepared to be underwhelmed by its trail-to-hiker ratio and views. I think we would still choose to hike on a weekday or during the shoulder season if when we go out again. But we’ll leave you with this: it’s possible to hike Little Si on a sunny weekend and still find some peace and quiet on the mountain.

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